“Montserrat Urgell ”

The mural painting of Montserrat Urgell can be seen as analogous to the vibrato, that effect or technique used by singers and musicians to add expression to vocal and instrumental music that is characterized by the regular pulsating change of pitch or frequency. In Urgell’s case, this takes form as irradiation of light and color invoked by the shapes that pile up against each other as an unequivocal symptom of anxiety and the urgency of life. 
The artist’s work is exactly that: a pressing and vital invitation to experience form expressed on canvas, with great passion for pigment even in the monochromatic spaces that anticipate the latent burst of color about to take place.
What is so striking about these paintings is that by nature, they can be conceived in all kinds of spaces: in public, on account of their dynamic abstract design and the very concept of “cluster” they render; and in more private settings on account of the more playful and ludic detail which demands greater attention.
One way or the other, Urgell’s vibrant and radiant aesthetic can change our perception of things on a daily basis.
Mariano Le Vatte

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